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  • FUN Activities with partnering agencies: fathers with their children (both boys and girls) monthly activities including picnics, weekend cabin and tent camping, hikes, sporting events, fishing, swimming, musical events, cultural exhibits including museums, pancake breakfasts, game nights, steak fry events, etc.


  • We PROVIDE: 
  • Training:

                Classes, workshops, and seminars on the responsibilities, challenges, and  opportunities of fatherhood.

  • Referral: 

                Counseling, vocational training, educators, attorneys, parenting classes, state agencies, father-friendly groups and resources.

  • Encouragement:         

Faithful fathers are the transmitters of life's instruction book.  Teach through a life well-lived.



  • We welcome all fathers along with their children regardless of their spiritual or family heritage or preferences.  

  • We organize  father and children (both boys and girls)  ongoing activities in their communities.  These are not fathers' "drop off and drop out" events. Rather they are "fathers be there alongside their children" events. This subtle paradigm shift of thinking is critical.  God willing, perhaps this concept will begin to be embraced in our faith-based communities. 

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